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Call to Action. Welcome to your new site! You can edit this page by clicking on the Edit link. Pertanyaan Spesifik 1. Apa perbedaan antara Astronomi dan Astrologi dalam kajian keilmuan? Bagaimana Astronomi dalam pandangan Islam?

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Apa manfaat Astronomi dalam Islam? Apa pandangan Islam terhadap Astrologi? Hasil Kajian A. Pertanyaan Penting Bagaimana pandangan islam tentang teknologi? Pertanyaan Spesifik Apakah pengertian dari teknologi? Apa dalil mengenai perkembangan teknologi? Bagaimana perkembangan teknologi informatika pada saat ini?

Bagaimana pandangan islam terhadap perkembangan teknologi informatika?

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Apa faktor dari perkembangan teknologi informatika? A report ordered by the Secretary of the Air Force and the Department of Defense in response to prodding from a New Mexico Congressman identifies the Roswell debris as remnants of a long-range, highly secret, balloon-borne low-frequency acoustic detection system call "Project Mogul"—an attempt to sense Soviet nuclear weapons explosions at tropopause altitudes. The Air Force investigators, rummaging comprehensively through the secret files of , found no evidence of heightened message traffic:.

There were no indications and warnings, notice of alerts, or a higher tempo of operational activity reported that would be logically generated if an alien craft, whose intentions were unknown, entered U. If such a system had been in effect at the time, it would have also been used to protect our atomic secrets from the Soviets, which history has shown obviously was not the case.

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The radar targets carried by the balloons were partly manufactured by novelty and toy companies in New York, whose inventory of decorative icons seems to have been remembered many years later as alien hieroglyphics. In an earlier passage Sagan notes that balloons were extensively used by the Air Force in the s for various uses including robotic espionage craft, with high-resolution cameras and signal intelligence devices. If you misestimate how far away they are, you can easily imagine them going absurdly fast.

Occasionally, propelled by a gust of wind, they make abrupt changes in direction, uncharacteristic of aircraft and in seeming defiance of the conservation of momentum—if you don't realize that they're hollow and weigh almost nothing. Another excerpt from Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World" that gives a plausible explanation of the unknown radar events during the Cold War that were kept under wraps p. Consider spoofing. In the strategic confrontation between the United states and the Soviet Union, the adequacy of air defenses was a vital issue.

It was item 3 on General Cabell's list. If you could find a weakness, it might be the key to "victory" in an all-out nuclear war. The only sure way to test your adversary's defenses is to fly an aircraft over their borders and see how long it takes for them to notice. The United States did this routinely to test Soviet air defenses. But there was a soft underbelly—no significant early warning system to detect the geographically much more taxing southern approach. This is of course information vital for a potential adversary. It immediately suggests a spoof: One or more of the adversary's high-performance aircraft zoom out of the Caribbean, let's say, into U.

Then the intruders hightail it out of there. Or, as a control experiment, a unit of U. In such a case, there may be combined visual and radar sightings by military and civilian observers and large numbers of independent reports.

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What is reported corresponds to no known aircraft. The Air Force and civilian aviation authorities truthfully state that none their aircraft was responsible. Even if they've been urging Congress to fund a southern Early Warning System, the Air Force is unlikely to admit that Soviet or Cuban aircraft got to New Orleans, much less Memphis, before anybody caught on. Here again, we have every reason to expect a high-level technical investigating team, Air Force and civilian observers told to keep their mouths shut, and not just the appearance but the reality of suppression of data.

Again, this conspiracy of silence need have nothing to do with alien spacecraft. Even decades later, there are bureaucratic reasons for the Department of Defense to be close-mouthed about such embarrassments. There is a potential conflict of interest between parochial concerns of the Department of Defense and the solution of the UFO enigma.

Source: Universe Today. The final definition, as passed on 24 August under the Resolution 5A of the 26th General Assembly is:. Tutors and teachers can use this blog as a teaching resource. Amateur astronomers can find this blog useful,too. Its content varies from problem-set, course slide, try out, news, textbook recommendation, astronomy software review, trivia, video, and many more. Labels: olimpiade , soal. Problems of International Astronomy Olympiad Sunday, March 20, Supermoon 19 Maret Karena fenomena Supermoon ini cukup heboh dan banyak menimbulkan salah persepsi, mari coba dibahas sedikit meskipun sebenarnya fenomena ini bukanlah fenomena astronomi yang penting.

Impact atau efeknya hampir tidak ada selain tinggi air pasang air laut sedikit lebih tinggi. The Moon looks extra-big when it is beaming through foreground objects--a. Posisi Bulan saat berada di perigee atau titik terdekat dengan Bumi. Menurut physorg. Posisi Bumi-Bulan-Matahari dan kaitannya dengan pasang surut. Tentunya pada saat ketika purnama ditambah perigee, gaya gravitasi menjadi lebih berpengaruh, tetapi, dari studi geofisika yang telah banyak dilakukan, tidak dtemukan adanya dampak yang signifikan pada keseimbangan energi Bumi.

Mungkin dibutuhkan seorang Superman yang datang dari planet Kripton untuk menggeser keseimbangan Bumi, karena Superman mempunyai kekuatan yang jauh lebih besar dibanding kekuatan super moon; tetapi kita tahu bahwa superman adalah tokoh rekaan, sebagaimana bencana akibat super moon adalah telaah astrologi. Kalau sudah demikian, pertanyaan berikut, apa yang akan terjadi di tanggal 19 Maret yang akan datang? Jika Anda mengamati Bulan saat di titik tertingginya dan tidak ada benda lain sebagai pembanding, maka Anda tidak dapat membedakan bulan purnama ini super moon dengan bulan purnama biasa.

Untuk mendapatkan efek "piringan Bulan yang besar", Anda disarankan mengamati Bulan saat ada di dekat horizon. Pada posisi ini, ada efek ilusi optik yang akan menciptakan kesan bahwa piringan Bulan nampak lebih besar dari biasanya efek ini terjadi pada saat gerhana Bulan "biasa" juga. Alasannya masih sulit dijelaskan oleh astronomer maupun psikolog. Bulan yang dekat dengan horizon akan nampak "sangat" besar lihat ilustrasi gambar pertama. So, apakah fenomena supermoon penting untuk diamati? Artikel di atas disadur dari Langit Selatan dengan beberapa perubahan yang diambil dari physorg.

Labels: news. Monday, March 7, Documentaries. Beberapa kumpulan documentary yang menarik untuk disimak. Universe: The Cosmology Quest 2. The Universe link 4. How the Universe Works 5. Labels: video. Wednesday, February 9, Pseudoscience vs Science. Akhir - akhir ini banyak sekali berita di media massa yang nampak seperti science namun sebenarnya hanya pseudo-science. Berikut ini ada artikel yang bagus mengenai hal ini, yang dikutip dari www. Selamat membaca dan semoga bermanfaat. It would be fascinating if adolescents were able to make telephone handsets rocket off their cradles just be thinking at them, or if our dreams could, more often than can be explained by chance and our knowledge of the world, accurately foretell the future.

Well, Dr. Sagan, if the world would be more interesting if the unexplained UFOs were in fact space aliens, if we could communicate with the dead or space aliens, etc. With thousands of eye-witnesses, what more do you need? Sagan wrote that passage above just before he discussed pseudoscience in " The Demon-Haunted World ".

If we understand the difference between real science and pseudoscience, perhaps we can understand the view of many scientists and skeptics that the UFO research is pseudoscience. Pseudosciences "purport to use the methods and findings of science, while in fact they are faithless to its nature—often because they are based on insufficient evidence or because they ignore clues that point the other way " Sagan, We are awash in pseudoscience from all around us because "pseudoscience is easier to contrive than science " "contrive" is a pretty strong word choice by Dr.

With pseudoscience, the standards of argument and what is allowable as evidence are much more relaxed than what you find in science. This is not to say that all of science is correct. No, there have been plenty of mistakes in science, plenty of blind alleys. With science, hypotheses are framed in a way that they can be tested by experiment and observation. Nature has the final veto power in whatever explanation we come up with but scientists are human yes, they are and subject to emotional attachments to their explanations.

They too can be offended when their pet explanation doesn't pan out, when Nature has vetoed it. Pseudoscience is just the opposite. Hypotheses are often framed in a way that makes them untestable. Skeptical scrutiny is opposed. When the pseudoscientific hypothesis fails to catch fire with scientists, conspiracies to suppress it are deduced" Sagan, Ah, yes! How many times have we heard that the science journals won't publish the UFO research with charges of bias and close-mindedness on the part of the science "establishment"?

Such charges are part of the conspiracy mindset.

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I'm sorry, but it is not a conspiracy. It is because the UFO evidence is not of the caliber needed to base conclusions upon and less fantastic alternative explanations that don't involve space aliens are not addressed or explored by the author of the proposed paper. Not every truly scientific paper makes it into the journals either but the scientist doesn't complain of a conspiracy. No, the paper was probably rejected because more data needed to be gathered to improve the signal the confidence level above the ever-present statistical fluctuations of reality in order to deduce the conclusion reached by the author.

Sometimes, too strong a conclusion is deduced from too weak a data set. Another likelihood is that the author did not explore an alternative explanation because they failed to see the assumptions that they were operating under. Our filters can blind us to the obvious. The Innocence Project see www. Thirty years of social science research has proven that eyewitness identification is often unreliable. Even victims of horrendous personal crimes have mis-identified the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, our memories are malleable. Initial uncertainties in recollection become strongly-held beliefs, bed-rock certainties, once we've had time to try to make sense of what happened. Our creativity can sometimes lead us astray. It can happen to the best of us. Even scientists. There is a video of his short talk in the video section of Invisible Gorilla in which he gives powerful examples of our perceptions, intuitions, and even the reasoning about our intuition leading even the best of observers astray.

That is why scientists lay their results open to the very critical scrutiny of others. And they agree to accept the criticism and re-submit their work when they have improved their argument through better data or give it up when the observations show that their idea does not have merit. They don't blame the "establishment". So, it is not because scientists just don't want to believe in space aliens that they are critical of the claims of UFOs as aliens, it is because time and time again the methodology of the UFO claims have not followed the high standards of verifiable scientific research.

Has every claim of UFOs-as-space aliens been investigated? There are so many! It takes more time and energy to figure out the ordinary, natural cause of something than it takes for creative people to imagine fantastic things. Perhaps scientists are a bit too quick to discount UFOs-as-space aliens claims but after years of going down that dead end interpretation of noisy data, can you understand why they might want to devote their time to something more provable?

These excerpts are examples of alternative, plausible explanations that "point the other way" from that of space aliens and government cover-ups of space alien invasions. The Air Force investigators, rummaging comprehensively through the secret files of , found no evidence of heightened message traffic: There were no indications and warnings, notice of alerts, or a higher tempo of operational activity reported that would be logically generated if an alien craft, whose intentions were unknown, entered U.