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Sorting and processing the used materials to make them available for fresh stuff is at least as expensive as creating new plastic items from scratch. On the other hand, sending used plastic to a recycling center makes it far less likely that it will end up in the oceans and waterways, harming living creatures. So in this case, the short-term financial argument in favor of recycling is insubstantial, whereas the moral argument is strong.

I invite you to apply a similar perspective to your upcoming decisions. For example, it was illegal for them to learn to read. Their oppressors feared that educated slaves would be better equipped to agitate for freedom and took extreme measures to keep them illiterate. Frederick Douglass was one slave who managed to beat the ban. As he secretly mastered the art of reading and writing, he came upon literature that ultimately emboldened him to escape his "owners" and flee to safety.

He became one of the 19th century's most powerful abolitionists, producing reams of influential writing and speeches. I propose that we make Douglass your inspiring role model for the coming months. I think you're ready to break the hold of a certain curse — and go on to achieve a gritty success that the curse had prevented you from accomplishing.

During that time, he oversaw the sale and consumption of millions of hamburgers. But in , he left McDonald's and became part of Beyond Meat, a company that sells vegan alternatives to meat. I could see you undergoing an equally dramatic shift in the coming months, Gemini: a transition into a new role that resembles but is also very different from a role you've been playing.

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I urge you to step up your fantasies about what that change might entail. As an astrologer I would add this nuance: although what Lorde says is true, some phases of your life are more favorable than others to seek deep and rapid education.

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For example, the coming weeks will bring you especially rich teachings if you incite the learning process now. LEO July Aug. But I'd like to expand it and soften it for your use in the coming weeks. Let's define it as meaning "stick to what you're good at and know about" or "don't try to operate outside your area of expertise" or "express yourself in ways that you have earned the right to do.

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Apply that counsel to your own sphere or field, Leo. Tags: Free Will Astrology. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Get Tickets Join the Super Readers. View All videos art shows galleries theater shows.


Life Ask the Rev. View All restaurants top rated. View All Cannabiz. View All club dates concerts nightclubs. View All movie times cinemas film events. I believe this is an important theme for you right now. What question do you need answered? What theory would you like to have corroborated? The smoking gun will appear. The wise course of action is to disengage from your fascination with control, and instead give yourself to the throbbing, erratic pulse of the Cosmic Wow. If you do, you will be able to evolve faster than you thought possible. Your strength will come from agile curiosity and an eagerness to experiment.

Do you remember when you last explored the catalytic wonders of spontaneity and unpredictability? Do it again! The star that you will ultimately make a wish upon has not yet risen. Your pet monsters seem to have forgotten for the moment that they are supposed to be your allies, not your nemeses. Smoke from the smoldering embers in your repressed memories is blending with the chill night fog in your dreams, making your life seem like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a taco. Just kidding about that last part.

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I wanted to see if your sense of humor is intact, because if it is, you will respond resiliently to all the cosmic jokes in your upcoming tests. Flare up like flame and make big shadows that I can move in. Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. Hold nothing back and open yourself as wide and wild as you dare. Explore the feeling of having nothing to lose and expect the arrivals of useful surprises. It will energize you to capitalize on and dissipate chaos. It will win you leverage that you'll be able to use for months.

Is there a giant sea serpent that inhabits the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland? Tantalizing hints arise now and then, but no definitive evidence has ever emerged. They hoped that this "honey trap" would draw the reclusive monster into more public view. Alas, the scheme went awry. Lady Nessie got damaged when she ran into a jetty.

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But it did have some merit. Is there an equivalent approach you might employ to generate more evidence and insight about one of your big mysteries, Leo? What strategies might you experiment with? The time is right to hatch a plan. VIRGO August September 22 Earlier in your life, you sometimes wrestled with dilemmas that didn't deserve so much of your time and energy. They weren't sufficiently essential to invoke the best use of your intelligence. But over the years, you have ripened in your ability to attract more useful and interesting problems.

Almost imperceptibly, you have been growing smarter about recognizing which riddles are worth exploring and which are better left alone. Here's the really good news: The questions and challenges you face now are among the finest you've ever had. You are being afforded prime opportunities to grow in wisdom and effectiveness. I'm sure you already know that gaining the ability to speak more than one tongue makes you smarter and more empathetic. It expands your capacity to express yourself vividly and gives you access to many interesting people who think differently from you.

I mention this, Libra, because you're in a phase of your cycle when learning a new language might be easier than usual, as is improving your mastery of a second or third language. If none of that's feasible for you, I urge you to at least formulate an intention to speak your main language with greater candour and precision—and find other ways to expand your ability to express yourself. And not because it falls in love. We call it a fool because it works so hard. The astrological omens suggest that you will learn what you need to learn and attract the experiences you need to attract if you do just that.

Life is giving you a mandate to express daring and diligent actions in behalf of love.

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His professor at the University of Munich dissuaded him, telling Planck, "In this field, almost everything is already discovered, and all that remains is to fill a few unimportant holes. Most of us have had a similar experience: People who've tried to convince us to reject our highest calling and strongest dreams.

In my view, the coming weeks will be a potent time for you to recover and heal from those deterrents and discouragements in your own past.

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  7. They provide useful information for your surface self, but little help for your deep self. If you've read my oracles for awhile, you know that I aspire to be in the latter category. In that light, you won't be surprised when I say that the most important thing you can do in the coming weeks is to seek closer communion with your soul; to explore your core truths; to focus on delight, fulfillment and spiritual meaning far more than on status, power and wealth.

    As you attend to your playful work, meditate on this counsel from Capricorn author John O'Donohue: "The geography of your destiny is always clearer to the eye of your soul than to the intentions and needs of your surface mind.